Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Echoes of the past

David Hinds of Steel Pulse, June 1978 vintage (pic Peter Mannox)
I love finding old photos of Steel Pulse so the two pictures are reproduced here simply because I've just seen them for the first time and they fit the bill perfectly. Top: David Hinds is snapped by Peter Mannox at a gig at Bingley Hall in Stafford in 1978 when Steel Pulse supported Bob Marley. Mannox captured the band at a time when they were really making big waves in the music business. The Bingley Hall gig was in June 1978, a month before the release of their first album, Handsworth Revolution. Bottom: Colin Gabbidon, complete with Michael Jackson afro hairstyle, the band's original drummer when they were beginning their career in Handsworth in the mid-70s. The picture was taken at Bunny Johnson's Digbeth club in 1975 and behind him is Selwyn Brown on keyboards.
A rare photo from the band's 1975 gig at Bunny Johnson's club in Digbeth. Colin Gabbidon on drums and Selwyn Brown on keys. (pic Colin Gabbidon)

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