Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Migration worries

If you see me and I have a worried frown on my face, it's because I am attempting to follow the instructions of blogger.com as I have to amend the location of my blog hosting. Blogger.com are no longer allowing FTP publishing and I must migrate my blog before 1 May. They have provided an online migration tool but when you are a technophobe like me and have a large blog, going back to May 2006 with thousands of posts, you begin to break out in a cold sweat at the mere thought of doing anything which might make a total balls-up of it. And with my history with blogs - don't forget I had my blog stolen a couple of years ago - anything could happen. I'm migrating tonight so if you don't hear from me tomorrow via this blog, then something may've gone tits-up. Wish me luck.


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