Sunday, January 17, 2010

What a feeling

Sadness was a key element of Moving into Feeling at Meta House. LtoR: Marine Ky, Mom and Yon Davy.
A third and final contemporary dance performance at Meta House took place last night in front of a full house. All three pieces of work are expected to be included in a new show called The Sound of Rice to be performed in early April. Last night's Moving into Feeling piece explored sound and emotions, with Mom and Yon Davy again giving us their own interpretation of the work, aided by coach Bob Ruijzendaal and artist Marine Ky. The sad sections were very sad and Davy remarked after the show that having to demonstrate all the different emotions left her "feeling a bit crazy in her head." Incidentally, Yon Davy will present her first independent choreography work at Meta House on Sunday 21 February.
Mom (red top) using some of her classical training in her movements
One of my favourite noodle girls, Vey (in yellow) with a colleague. Vey and Vanny work at the noodle shop on the corner of the road leading to Meta House, opposite Wat Botum.

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