Sunday, December 28, 2008

Missing music

Basil doing his thang at The Jam House
I recently mentioned the Roy Hill/Cry No More gig that took place in Twickenham last night and the fact that I'm thousands of miles away and unable to be there. Sniff, sniff. Roy and Chas Cronk put on a riotous Farewell gig every Christmas and I'm sure last night was no exception. Hopefully some youtube footage will be available soon of Roy's usual antics. Another music gig I would've been at took place at The Jam House in Birmingham on Boxing Day evening. Gabbidon hosted their great mix of reggae and ska oldies and goodies as well as their own tunes. Basil and his band are past masters of putting on a great show. I see Basil's wife Catherine was there with her camera and here are two photos from the gig, of Basil, lead guitarist and singer and my favourite songstress, Leonie Moore. I still haven't got a copy of the band's album, Reggaerockz, that was released a few months ago. Hint, hint. Christmas-time was always a hive of activity on the music front in the UK and its one of the few things I miss. I've just heard they're opening the first Reggae bar in Phnom Penh soon, I'll have to skank along and check it out. For more on Gabbidon and Leonie Moore click on the links.
My favourite songstress, Leonie Moore

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