Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chi Phat exposed

This is our trekking group (guests & guides) at the end of the 2-day hike through the Chi Phat forests. I'm 3rd from left.
Looking at my pictures from the Chi Phat trip, many of them have water in the frame. The rivers around Chi Phat are gorgeous and stretch for miles with pristine primary forest untouched by loggers and home to a variety of birds and wildlife, all of which are nigh on impossible to spot from the boat. However we did see some monkeys, squirrels and quite a few different bird types, and of course the rivers look very different at different times of the day. More waterborne photos to follow.
Boats at the Chi Phat jetty on arrival at mid-day
A very different Chi Phat jetty at 6am in the morning with the mist hovering above the river
If it wasn't for the boat, you could turn this photo upside down and not know the difference
The Preak Piphot River at Chi Phat just as the sun is setting

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