Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Eric & Lida - wedded bliss approaching
One of the consequences of my 4-day disappearance into the jungle of the Cardamom Mountains on Friday (heaven help me) is that I will miss the wedding of my good friend Eric de Vries to his lovely lady Lida. They moved from Phnom Penh to live in Siem Reap a few months ago and are enjoying it so much they decided to get wed. The ceremony will take place in their new home in Siem Reap this coming Sunday and as I won't be there, I send them my heartfelt best wishes for a wonderful day, and of course a great life together. Eric is a professional photographer, has exhibited his work and published three books of his photos in the Netherlands. Find out more about him and his artwork here. Whilst on the subject of weddings, Eric's was the first invite I received during the current 'wedding season' here in Cambodia, but by this time last year I'd already been invited to half a dozen. Either less people are getting married or the word has gone out not to invite me - maybe my wedding gifts are too stingy or maybe, which is more likely, that I gorge myself on so much food and my Khmer traditional dancing is so bad, that I'm an embarrassment to my friends. Take your pick.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric & Lida
Wish you all the best bliss and happiness together.

December 21, 2008 2:54 AM  

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