Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Waterfalls galore

The peaceful river becomes a raging torrent as it cascades over the falls
There's nothing better for Khmer vacationers to enjoy than a waterfall, aside from a series of waterfalls! And that's exactly what you will find at Kbal Chhay, some 17kms outside of Sihanoukville and a very popular resort, especially at weekends. Two peaceful rivers, one of which is the Prek Tuk Sap, converge into one over a series of waterfall cascades that were pretty strong when I visited them a few weeks ago. And the penchant by the locals for going into the water fully-clothed, showed no signs of abaiting at Kbal Chhay either. Even a monk went in, keeping his orange robe around his waist but mucking in with family and friends to ensure he got a good soaking. The area was used in a popular Khmer movie in 2000 called The Giant Snake and this adds to the attraction for the locals, who use the multitude of food stands at the site for picnics, card-games and illicit romances. One statistic I would like to know is how many waterfalls are situated in Cambodia, and have I been to most of them? I know the answers are many and no, but it feels like I have!
This is the scene above the falls, as quiet and peaceful as you can imagine
And here's our friendly monk crossing the wooden bridge to the falls area
Large natural sandstone slabs and boulders provide the first level of the falls
The 1st set of waterfalls you encounter at Kbal Chhay
This waterfall is a magnet for Khmer families to bathe in
Our friendly monk waddles back after taking a shower under the waterfall in the background
This is the scene above the last waterfall, as Khmer families soak up the water and the sun


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Gorgeous falls!

And much more relaxed than the incredible power of Niagara. We've put together a brief clip to demonstrate.

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