Monday, December 22, 2008

Season's greetings

You may/may not know that I am a massive fan of British singer-songwriter Roy Hill, as much for his comedic performances as his music, both being outstanding entertainment. I am truly frustrated that I will not be present at the Turks Head Cry No More show on 27 December in Twickenham (England). However, Roy is keeping us up to speed with regular blog postings on his MySpace site. And his latest blog post pretty much sums up my own view of Christmas - it's not worth the paper it's wrapped in!

Season's Greetings.
At this time of year it's all too easy to forget what Christmas actually means, I know I have.
I dare say many of you are still planning a last minute shopping trip so little Wayne can have the violent computer game he's been dreaming of and granny gets her new brassiere. My advice? Sod 'em.
Things were much simpler when I was a child. We didn't get presents as dad spent all his money on prostitutes but it didn't bother us. My sister and I were quite happy playing a game of split the kipper or letting people's tyres down. I also have very fond memories of throwing a big tin of paint at some carol singers. One of them was quite badly hurt!
We're constantly being told to spare a thought for those worse off than ourselves. I haven't got a pot to piss in and I doubt if anyone's that bothered.
Must go now as Pat from next door is on her way round with some top quality weed.

In my view the Cry No More gig - billed yet again as their farewell appearance, as it is every year - should be on television as a special seasonal tv offering. Talking of tv, there will be two showings of Where Elephants Weep on tv here in Cambodia on Christmas Day (25th) and New Years Day (1 January). They will be screened by CTN and will be beamed into Cambodian households at 7.30pm. And a show that my colleague Nick Ray worked on for Hanuman Films last month is scheduled to be shown on British tv on 28 December, as the Top Gear trio (Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Richard Hammond) will be conquering Vietnam on motorbikes in an hour-long special. Expect fireworks in this season finale.
The Top Gear trio in Vietnam


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