Monday, November 24, 2008

Cute kids

This is 12 years old Srey Keo who helped out at the family crab restaurant in Kep
Every visitor to Cambodia will remark on the cute kids that can be found everywhere in this country. Okay, some of them can be a little pushy along the riverfront in Phnom Penh or at the temples of Angkor, but most are just as cute as they come. Tim and I encountered hordes of them on our recent travels to the south coast and we rarely miss an opportunity to interact with them, from pulling funny faces, to playing football, shuttlecock-keepy-uppy and badminton. And a big beaming smile of white teeth is sufficient reward for all the effort, especially on a hot day. Here's some of the cutest we met on our recent travels.
This little 'un ran up to us shouting and waving but went all quiet for the photo!
These four youngsters were enjoying a water culvert at Kbal Chhay outside Sihanoukville
Two tiny tots on the road to Phnom Chhnork, outside Kampot
A model of the future? 8 year old Vansy couldn't stop posing in Kep
Six year old Kanya got in on the posing act as well
These two adorable sisters were part of our escort party at Wat Kirisan near Kompong Trach
Meet Srey Leak, one of the helpers at Tek Chhou Zoo near Kampot
Cutting grass at Tek Chhou Zoo were Srey Mao (left) and Tee; technically not kids but cute nonetheless
Two water pools at Tek Chhou Zoo kept these youngsters occupied for ages
These youngsters loved jumping in and splashing the Barang with the camera!


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