Sunday, November 23, 2008

Au revoir

Sunday afternoon brotherly bonding at the Post Office
My brother Tim is off back to Blighty tomorrow morning so today is his last day in Phnom Penh...and we spent half of it fast asleep. A late night on Saturday night was the reason - we started with cottage pie at The Gym Bar until it was invaded by Aussies, which ain't a pretty sight, and then we watched a fair bit of footy on the tv's upstairs in Huxleys - and neither of us got up before mid-day today. After rising out of our pits, we went to the Green Vespa for a traditional Sunday roast lunch and then had a walkabout around the Post Office area of town (to sample a bit of the French colonial-inspired architecture, hence the title choice - French isn't usually my language of choice, ever) before heading back for a shower and back out again to say a final farewell. There's no peace for the wicked. Here's a few snaps from this afternoon's exersions.
The imposing facade of the Post Office enjoying a lick of paint these days
A large troop of monkeys seems to have made its home on Street 102 and can be seen climbing all over the nearby buildings and electrical wires
The former Police Headquarters, now home to squatters and due for renovation
A restaurant on the corner of Street 100 which was featured in the film City of Ghosts
The posh elegance of the 110 year old building that house's Van's restaurant on St 102
All tourists do it and Tim is a tourist, don't let him tell you otherwise; at the Royal Palace


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