Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mr Peepee

This is Peepee with his Mickey Mouse ears and his colourful tuk-tuk
Meet Mr Peepee, our tuk-tuk driver in Kep. He called himself Peepee, though it later turned out to be spelt Pipi, but that was after we went through all the jokes and puns you'd expect if someone told you their name was Peepee. Nice guy, harmless, not in the remotest pushy like some of the drivers you find in most locations. In fact, in a queue of drivers Mr Peepee would find himself at the back because of his gentler nature. Married with one son, he works selling real estate to Koreans when he's not being a tuk-tuk driver, or the other way around, I'm not quite sure. He also wants to set up his own tour company business - but then, doesn't everyone? We spent a couple of days with Peepee, visiting the sites of Kep, then off into the countryside to visit three caves with ancient temples inside, two of which were news to Peepee despite having lived in the area all his life, then he dropped us off in Kampot on day 3. He looked after us very well, took us to the Seagull restaurant which was a good find and has a good character. If you are in Kep for a couple of days, give him a call on 012 282 029. His full name is Long Sarapich, but he responds better to the name Peepee, sorry Pipi. He's 25 years old and lives in the village of Chamcar Bei, in the shadow of Phnom Voar. Before getting married and starting his family, Peepee was a monk for five years at Kompong Tralach pagoda, which was a stroke of luck as he was up to speed on the genocide memorial that is housed at the wat.
Peepee posing at the doorway of a prasat inside a cave at Phnom Khyang in Preah Kak village. He had never heard of this place before we told him.


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