Sunday, November 23, 2008

Meet and greet

Ambassador Sichan Siv (pictured) arrived in Cambodia a couple of days ago to visit Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, and will be holding court in the capital at three events later on this week, to promote his memoir, Golden Bones and to reiterate its message to 'never give up hope.' The main event will be a book-signing session at Monument Books on Norodom Boulevard on Saturday 29 November at 6pm, where Sichan and his wife will be present to meet, greet and talk about his life story in person. And what a journey it is; a roller-coaster ride of despair that turns to hope and a remarkable and inspiring success story, worthy of any boys-own comicbook. Before the Saturday event, the Cambodian-born former US Ambassador to the United Nations will give a talk to the students of Pannasastra University on Thursday (27th) at 6pm, and will then present a copy of his book to the National Library the following day, Friday (28th) at 4pm.
Don't forget the book event at Monument this coming Wednesday (26th) when Denise Heywood's gorgeous Cambodian Dance coffee-table book will get its official launch, in association with the publishers River Books. A display of traditional classical Cambodian dance will go hand in hand with free food and light refreshments, beginning at 6pm. On the same afternoon, the Reyum Gallery is hosting a book launch and exhibition with author Gillian Green and her latest publication, Pictorial Cambodian Textiles, a more specialist topic, at 4.30pm.


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