Monday, July 7, 2008

Random snaps

I exchanged my bicycle for this rusting rice field cycle just outside Luang Namtha
There are still lots more pictures and stories to come from my recent trip to Laos, but in the meantime here are some random photos to keep you occupied. Don't let anyone say I don't care about my readership!
A cute Lenten girl at the Namdee waterfall, just outside Luang Namtha
After 3 hours of kayaking I still had strength to smile - just!
These two Khamu girls were in Sopsim village at the end of our river trip
This bamboo bridge just outside Luang Namtha was more difficult to negotiate than it looks
Intrepid explorer goes where no man has gone before - yeah right!
Its thumbs up from this young Yao girl in the village of Jonka
There's no entry into Nammdaet Mai village according to these gun-totting youngsters
This ageing Akha woman carries her wares in a basket strapped to her head


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