Friday, July 4, 2008

Devatas of Wat Phu

Devata of Wat Phu
The devatas of Wat Phu number just two, that I could find. They are on the outer wall of the gopura entrance to the upper level sanctuary of this wonderful Khmer temple, built in the 10th and 11th centuries and which was a particular highlight of my recent trip to Laos. They vary greatly from each other, one wearing a fanciful headdress, the other holding her long-stranded hair. Both are very shapely in their body form and wear skirts of simple but effective design. They represent female beauty whilst male strength is highlighted by two dvarapala guardian figures close by. Wat Phu has much to surprise and delight the visitor and I will post more pictures from this gorgeous temple over the next few days.
Devata in profile revealing her shapely body
The skirt and feet of a devata at Wat Phu
A decorative devata at Wat Phu's upper level sanctuary
A devata in profile
The decorative headdress worn by this devata at Wat Phu


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