Monday, July 7, 2008

Wat Phu's Trimurti

The Trimurti of Wat Phu
Amongst the most photographed carvings at Wat Phu, the Hindu trinity or Trimurti of Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu will be up there with the best. It is located at the upper level and behind the main sanctuary and cella, carved into a rock face. Nearby are other rock carvings of a crocodile and elephant but the Trimurti is without equal and located close to the sacred spring which gives Wat Phu its uniqueness amongst all Khmer temples. The carving is believed to have been completed in the 11th century and features Shiva - the god of birth and destruction - in the centre, the principal god of the Wat Phu sanctuary, flanked by a three-headed Brahma - the creator - on the left and Vishnu - the protector and preserver - on the right.
The eight arms and four heads of the majestic Shiva
The four heads of Shiva from The Trimurti of Wat Phu
The three-headed Brahma in prayer modeA four-armed Vishnu flanks Shiva at Wat Phu
The Trimurti is carved on a large boulder on the upper level of Wat Phu


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