Friday, July 11, 2008

New short movie - Residue

A new historical fiction short movie, inspired by true events surrounding the 1970 Lon Nol coup in Cambodia and the tragic knock-on of five years later when the country descended into a genocidal Khmer Rouge hell, has been accepted into the San Diego Film Festival in September and Residue looks set for a run at the myriad of film screenings that take place in the States and around the globe. Produced by the same team that completed the comedic short film The Perfect Date last year, Residue is directed by Nathaniel Nuon, who co-wrote the film with actor Jared Davis. It begins with the desire by the CIA to halt the spread of communism into Cambodia by triggering the Lon Nol coup with assistance from a group of 12 secret Cambodian army soldiers who believed they were doing what was best for their country. The film then jumps forward to 1976 and the resulting Khmer Rouge genocide where one man manages to escape and carry out his own revenge on the men he feels are responsible. Two of the film's actors, Poleng Te and Kit Seng actually survived the Khmer Rouge period and bring that wealth of experience to bear in the production. You can find out more about the movie here.

Author Sue Guiney is currently writing a novel set in Cambodia. A New Yorker now living in London, she visited Cambodia several years ago and like most, it left a big impression on the author of novels, plays and poetry. Her published works include her first novel, Tangled Roots and a collection of poems, Dreams of May : A Play in Poetry. Find out more about Sue Guiney here and keep an eye out for her novel.


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