Saturday, September 16, 2006

Half-Marathon and Bike Race at Angkor

As if wandering around the Angkor temple complex wasn't exhausting enough for most people, those with more energy than sense can help to raise funds for Cambodian children by taking part in the annual Angkor Wat International Half-Marathon and Bike Race in partnership with Hearts of Gold, a Japanese organization working to assist land mine survivors, and Village Focus International. The races will take place this December 16 (Bike Race) and 17 (Half-Marathon) on a course that will wind through the temple complex. All proceeds will benefit land mine survivors and VFI child protection projects in the country. Just in case you are keen to put yourself through this extreme fitness program for a good cause - its 21 kilometres for the half-marathon and 85 kms for the bike race - go to the VFI website here. And good luck.


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Karen Coates said...

I'd like to put in a little plug for this race. It's a fantastic run, and to all the marathoners and half-marathoners out there: I can't think of a more inspiring route. Sadly, I won't make it this year, but I've run it twice. My first-ever glimpse of Angkor Wat was on the foggy morning of the 1998 half-marathon. What an introdution to the temples!

And besides the views, you'll know your sweat and money are going toward an excellent cause.

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