Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Vansy - a credit to her family

Nearly three years ago I met Vansy at a children's party. She was kicking lumps out of the boys and me in a game of football and did it with a beaming smile and a wicked laugh. She won me over immediately. I've subsequently caught up with Vansy and her family on my last two visits to Cambodia and she's growing up to be a daughter to be proud of. Her family live in a typical wooden home on stilts and even regular schooling for a few hours each day isn't guaranteed. Nevertheless, like so many schoolchildren of her age, she's determined to learn English and is making good progress judging by our conversation in January. I've just received some recent photos of Vansy - the value of mobile phone technology shouldn't be understated - and I'm looking forward to a stint in front of her school-class on my next visit to Cambodia. To find out more about Vansy, click here.


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