Thursday, November 27, 2008

One more look

One of the classical dancers in reflective mode
In wrapping up the book launch event at Monument Books last night, here's a few more photos just to spread the limelight about a bit more fairly, instead of the radiant Srey Mao grabbing all the attention. The teenagers put on a great show, both with their dance and their music, and how they conducted themselves in general. They were a credit to their teacher and the NGO that looks after them. I hope they get many more similar opportunities to show off their artistic skills. Don't forget the NGO name, Angkar Sangkruos Komar Borey Bakheng from Preak Leap, just outside Phnom Penh.
This is Hanuman, the monkey king giving himself a good scratch
The dancers and the orchestra come to the end of their first performance
One of the female dancers in full regalia
The 9-member pinpeat orchestra and two of the singers at the front - all teenagers
Classic Khmer beauty and poise


Anonymous Mike Krause said...

Wow, great story & pics as always Andy. I'm so stoked to see Cambodian classical dance again on my next trip over in January (even though I may have to reroute my original flight through BKK...). Thanks again for your wonderful & much appreciated efforts on behalf of Cambodian culture. Best wishes,


November 27, 2008 3:30 PM  

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