Monday, November 3, 2008

And finally...from Sambor

A decorated pedestal that has been uncovered by the archaeological team at Sambor Prei Kuk
To bring to a close my recent visit to Sambor Prei Kuk in Kompong Thom province, here are a few photos from the 7th and 10th century temple complex. I was only there for a maximum of a couple of hours and to be frank I only really scratched the surface of what's there to see as I was part of a 20-strong FAM trip of tour agents and press to sample the new community-based services on offer. My next visit will be more considered and more in-depth.
Floral patterns on the sides of the pedestal that was found in the southern group of shrines
On the upper level of the pedestal you can see the fierce face of Rahu and a hamsa with wings
A more traditional pedestal and yoni amongst the small collection at the site's storage hut
The two Sambor lions stand proud at the entrance to Prasat Tao
The rectangular ceiling of Prasat Tao and the amazing brick construction on display
The Sambor lions are renowned for their strength, ferocity and their gorgeous manes. Un-reconstructed lions can be found at the Kompong Thom cultural storage hall in town.
Another ceiling, this time the octagonal shrine called N7 in the northern grouping
Excavation work is prominent at Sambor and this is uncovering new information about the site all the time. This brick shrine N4 is in the northern group.
One of the mysterious faces at the top of the square cella known as Asram Moha Issey


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