Friday, October 10, 2008

Feeling positive & negative

Tonight is the grand final of the disabled Cambodian Volleyball championships at the Olympic Stadium, so count me in. These guys put on a great showing in the World Cup a year ago and tonight should be no exception. Ray, sorry Christian Zepp is back in the country to take charge of the National volleyball team ahead of next month's World Cup Finals in Slovakia. Best of luck to him and the team. I'm scheduled to play football early on Sunday morning though my eye infection is only just clearing up so I may rest it for another week, rather than risk making it worse. At lunchtime today I took my glasses into an opticians as I'd sat on them and bent the frames. Fifteen minutes later I was on my way with repaired frames and a smile, the owner knew I lived around the corner and said as we were neighbours, there's no charge. Result!
Now you probably know me as Mr Positive. But sometimes even I get dragged down with everyone else. At the moment I'm really fed-up with a couple of things, one is the crap parking on the pavements by all Cambodian drivers. It often means I have to step into the road and that is simply dangerous in these parts, especially with traffic coming at you from all directions. There are suggestions that heavy fines will be imposed on culprits beginning pretty soon but that will just mean the policemen will get fatter pay-checks. In the meantime, my mutterings as I walk along any street are getting more expletive-laded by the day. 2nd groan is films like this, Uncle Rithy, which will be shown at Bophana Center on Saturday 18 October at 4pm. I'd love to go and watch a 97-minute film that introduces the work of Cambodian filmmaker, Rithy Panh, whilst he directs his thirteenth film, an adaptation from the novel of Marguerite Dumas, Sea Wall, his choice and his activities during the shooting in Sihanoukville. Unfortunately, it's the Khmer version of Jean-Marie Barbe's film with French subtitles for goodness sake. What good is that to anyone? No-one wants to speak French anymore in Cambodia, everyone is learning English, so desperately trying to hold onto the past by ostracizing a potentially large audience is self-defeating by the folks in charge of Bophana and the CCF. Get with it guys, convert to Anglais and increase your audience substantially - take a leaf out of the Meta House 'guide to increasing audiences' book.


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