Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bricks and mortar #1

These arched windowed- balconies were built in 1931 along Street 108 near Phsar Chas
I've yet to take advantage of the architectural tours run by the KA-Tours folks as they usually take place on a Sunday, and I keep those days free for football and sleeping when I'm not out and about in the countryside. Nevertheless I whizzed around a few places by moto today to snap a few city buildings, primarily before they get knocked down in the mad frenzy to modernize and rebuild that is gripping Phnom Penh. The city began life in the 15th century but nothing remains from that time as all construction was of wood. Chinese shophouses started to spring up when the French arrived in the 1860s and it wasn't long before they introduced their colonial style, yellow in colour, architecture, often public buildings such as the Post Office, Central Police Station and so on. Some of these still remain to see and the KA folks will show you these and later, more modernist style buildings of the Vann Molyvann variety. In the meantime, here's a few I spotted today, leaving aside the more obvious examples of the Le Royal Hotel, Railway Station, National Library, National Museum and the Central Market.
An interesting colonial tower house in need of some care and attention on Street 108
The abandoned Central Police Station next to the Post Office on Street 13
A temporary washing-line to catch the afternoon sun on Street 100
A colonial style balconied building on Street 13 in front of the Post Office


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hope someone will buy up all of cambodia's colonial architecture and restore them by rennovation and upgrading and painting them. i can imagine how they all looked at their heydays. thanks for sharing, andy.

October 12, 2008 4:10 AM  

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