Sunday, June 8, 2008

More at Oudong...finally

One of the children of a vendor at Oudong
It has taken me a while to post my photos from my visit to Oudong, which was a few weeks ago now, but here's the final batch of pictures. It's well worth the trip, some 40kms north of Phnom Penh, to spend some time at a site where you will be surrounded by Cambodians out to have an enjoyable and relaxing time at a sacred place that has some interesting history, both ancient and modern.
The path leading from the giant Buddha and onto the royal stupas
A revered statue of the sacred bull, Preah Ko, which is a popular spot for locals to pray
Some more Buddhist shrines to be found on top of the mountain
This large Buddha seated under the naga head is Preah Ang Neak Reach
A view from the middle ridge to the ridge with the 4 main royal stupas
The gloriously decorated stupa of King Ang Duong, who died in 1859
The elephants at the base of King Soriyopor's stupa have all been repaired since my first visit in 1998


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