Sunday, June 8, 2008

The royal stupas of Oudong

This is the only broken brick stupa remaining, called Chedi Eiso
The royal stupas and other attractions at Oudong are popular with visitors, especially at weekends. The area, 40kms north of Phnom Penh, served as the capital of Cambodia under several monarchs between 1618 and 1866 and a number of kings were crowned there. There are a few ridges to climb and explore and each one has something to see, either in the form of structures containing Buddhas or suchlike or the royal stupas, which are pictured here. Since my first visit there in 1998, the stupas have been repaired and look in good condition now. The building of the new stupa containing the bones of Buddha, which I highlighted recently, has certainly helped to attract restoration funds to the site.
This stupa is the resting place of Samdech Pannara
The yellow stupa with its spire topped by four faces belongs to King Monivong (died 1941) and is called Chet Dey Mak Proum
Decorated with coloured tiles, this stupa is Chedi Trai Treng and houses the ashes of King Ang Duong, who died in 1859
Named Damrei Sam Poan, this chedi was built for the ashes of King Soriyopor


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