Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lintels from Phnom Banan

A pediment of twelve worshippers above a lintel with kala and a worn Vishvakarma
To wrap up my photos from Phnom Banan, the hilltop 11th century temple near Battambang, here are some of the lintel carvings that remain in situ at the site. As befits their age, they are quite worn and some have had the central Buddhist image defaced, while the varied colours of the surrounding blocks of stone add an interesting dimension to the scene.
A very worn lintel with Vishvakarma sitting atop a very menacing kala
Another lintel with the central character obliterated above the kala
This lintel is lying on the ground and shows the common scene of Indra on the three-headed Airavata elephant (damaged), atop a fearsome kala


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