Saturday, September 30, 2006

Cooking Khmer style

An attraction that is gaining in popularity, is learning to cook, Khmer style. Whilst I get a nosebleed whenever I get near a kitchen, lots of travellers are keen to try their culinary skills whilst on holiday and such places as the Cambodia Cooking Class, which operates in Phnom Penh, are becoming more and more popular. For $20, you get a full day that includes a visit to the market to buy the ingredients and then hands-on preparation of your traditional Khmer recipes under the supervision of an experienced, English-speaking teacher cook. Whilst I met up with the Pepy Ride crew in cooking action at the Smokin' Pot in Battambang in January, and other places are quickly catching onto this new tourist attraction, the Cooking Class that operates out of the Frizz restaurant on Sisowath Quay is getting great reviews, so take a look at their website to find out more.

Whilst on the food front, try these websites by two of my pals, for more tasty morsels: Kim Fay's Serveitforth blog and Karen J Coates' Ramblingspoon.


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Also worth checking out for Khmer food is He's been doing some hilarious beer reviews as well.

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