Sunday, March 1, 2009

Morricone magic

The incomparable Ennio Morricone
There's little to better a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon listening to the stirring music of Ennio Morricone. I've just watched his Arena Concerto dvd, filmed in 2002 and recorded live in Verona, Italy. Morricone is a genius, and his music will live on forever to accompany the images of the films he has scored or as individual pieces that will stand the test of time. He is the maestro but credit must also go to the soloists and musicians of the Rome Sinfonietta Orchestra who have been accompanying Morricone on stage and in recording studios for many years. His entourage include pianist Gilda Butta, singing sensations Susanna Rigacci and Dulce Pontes, as well as the key members of the orchestra such as Antonio Salvatore, Monica Berni, Carlo Romano, Fausto Anzelmo, Marco Serino and Paolo Zampini. With his advancing years, Morricone has set himself a challenging goal of delivering more live concerts around the globe whilst his film compositions have reduced in number, with just a few films like The Demons of St Petersburg, Resolution 819, Baaria and The Lady being given the Morricone treatment in the last two years. Here are some screen captures from the dvd which I recommend everyone should have in their collection. Link: Ennio Morricone
The soprano Susanna Rigacci
Monica Berni on the flute (right)
Carlo Romano (left) and his oboe have been with Morricone for 25 years
Dulce Pontes is an amazing vocalist and sings some of my favourite Morricone tracks
The youthful flutist Paolo Zampini
Piano soloist Gilda Butta
The lead violinist Antonio Salvatore, a Morricone man for many years



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