Friday, February 27, 2009

Closing chapter

Wooden signs point the way, coming from the South Gate direction
The southwest Prasat Chrung and the nearby irrigation channel formed by Run Tadev and Beng Thom were the final pieces of the Angkor Thom jigsaw on my epic cycle ride a few weeks ago. If you have time, it's definitely worth doing all or some of the embankment pathway on top of the mighty city walls, either on foot or by bicycle, just to experience a different perspective on the city and to enjoy the solitude, peacefulness and the surrounding scenery. I saw a variety of birds on my travels though the biggest, a crane, was sat on a solitary tree-stump in the middle of the moat near the last of the corner temples. Here's some final photos to close the chapter on my cycling adventure.
The southwest corner of the laterite wall and moat
The devata at this shrine have not escaped the attention of the temple robbers
The false window with blinds and two devata standing alongside
Two decorated posts with praying figures on the left side and vegetal scrolls on the right
A view out over the moat and the Angkor balloon in the distance
The last section of path before you reach Prasat Chrung coming from the South Gate
Run Tadev was either a very long laterite bridge or was used as an irrigation channel or sluice gate to allow water to run into the moat at the far end
The laterite structure of Run Tadev is covered by earth and vegetation and the other end of this long tunnel opens out at the foot of the moat
The marshy Beng Thom was used as part of the ancient city's irrigation system

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