Saturday, January 24, 2009

In motion

Eric de Vries at the Equinox photo auction, with one of his pictures
My good pal Eric de Vries made a whistle-stop visit to Phnom Penh yesterday to show his face at the Equinox 3rd anniversary party that included a photography auction under the auspices of the brand new photography agency in Cambodia, its first, Asia Motion. With a dozen photographers on their books, Asia Motion aim to corner the Asia market offering a wide range of photographic styles and perspectives in social, artistic, commercial, press, fashion and advertising photography. However, their base is in Cambodia and last night the auction was one way to introduce their work to the public. The bar on Street 278 was heaving when we walked in, we stayed a short time and squeezed out again. It was full to bursting with expats - attracted by the free punch and food no doubt - the range of languages overheard was wide and it was exactly the type of place I abhore. And I wasn't overly impressed with the examples of photography on show either. But much like a painting exhibition and anything arty, it's all down to personal taste and preference. For example I disagreed over a photo that I thought was plain and boring whilst someone else thought the same picture was magnificent - it's all in the eye of the beholder. Link: Asia Motion


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