Friday, January 23, 2009

Working out

Working out in the mid-day heat
Whilst I was pouring over the foundations of a ruined Angkorean temple site a few kilometres past Banteay Samre last week, I heard some grunting and muted thuds coming from a thicket just around the corner. Being of a nosey disposition, I ventured over to the thicket to find three Cambodian men in their twenties, giving this punchbag some serious attention with feet, fists and arms, despite it being mid-day and scorching hot as well. Through my translator, I asked if they were kick-boxers and they said no, but they liked to come to this spot to work out and to take out their frustrations - and judging by the efforts they put in, they must've had a few. I felt tired just watching them and taking a few photos. They carried on, taking turns to rest before stepping up to the punchbag again to kick, punch, elbow and knee themselves into a deep sweat, as I said my goodbyes and returned to Siem Reap.
These guys had feet and hands made of steel
Any rest was short-lived as they again stepped up to deliver their blows to the punchbag



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