Thursday, December 25, 2008

Preak Piphot sunsets

Not a cloud in the sky at sunset on day 1 in Chi Phat
I watched a couple of sunsets across the Preak Piphot River in Chi Phat in the southern Cardamoms at the weekend and whilst they weren't stunning, they were peaceful and tranquil and lovely, and reminded me that living in the city I miss my sunsets. Often I see red sky above me around 5.30-6pm but my view is obscurred by buildings and I must make more of an effort to find the best vantage point for sunsets across the city skyline. There was river traffic for my two sunsets in Chi Phat to add to the scenery and the view and of course the friendly villagers keen to find out why I was sitting there looking out across the river for no apparent reason. They see the sunset every day of their lives and for them its nothing out of the ordinary, but I live in the city and so its important I remind myself how beautiful this country is as often as I can.
Peaceful and tranquil on the Preak Piphot River
Day 3 brings a different sunset perspective across the river and an array of colours
The girl on the boat is waiting to take passengers across the river
The sky turns blue from orange and yellow as it grows darker

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