Sunday, December 28, 2008

Final Chi Phat photos #1

The riverside scene as we approach Chi Phat
This is one of two final posts on my Chi Phat adventures from last week. These photos were taken on the river trips to and from the village and whilst on dry land too. The last posting, which will follow, will concentrate on the trek.
Some of the river traffic near Andoung Toeuk
This is the boat jetty at Chi Phat
A hand-drawn map on the wall of the CBET office shows our trek: The village is bottom right, the start of our trek on the far left and Veal Ta Prak, our overnight stop is at the top of the map.
The scenic rapids at Chai Oskut, just outside the village
A pair of water buffalo gingerly negotiate the rapids of Chai Oskut
The friendly Ka and some of her children
The early morning sun spreads its warmth across the Preak Piphot river

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