Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bokor's falls

Yes that's me in the distance, sitting atop the top level of Popokvil Falls
In my final post from Bokor mountain, I take you to see the Popokvil waterfalls, well the top of them anyway. It was too slippery to try to get to the bottom of the two tiered falls, known locally as 'swirling clouds,' though I didn't see any on this visit. The upper level is 14 metres high, the lower level a few metres higher and at the time of our visit the water levels were pretty low. As we were so high up, I wasn't actually sure of the source of the water though I'm sure when it rains the falls will be pretty powerful. We took the truck from the church to a broken bridge and then had to take a twenty minute walk to the falls, which was pretty tiring in the afternoon sun. After pottering around for half an hour, we walked back, climbed onto the pick-up and made our way back to Kampot. The descent, again very bumpy and adding additional bruises to my already bruised behind, took just under two hours, depositing us back at the Bokor Mountain Lodge for a refreshing hot shower. My latest Bokor adventures were complete, until the next time.
Water erupting from nooks and crannies in the solid sandstone bedrock
Another view of the top tier of Popokvil Falls
The river, just above the waterfalls. I never did find out its name.
The upper reaches of the river that flows down to become the Popokvil Falls
Regaining my energy after a tiring visit to Bokor - I wasn't feeling too great to be honest and I eventually cut short my trip to the south coast to revisit my doctor


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