Saturday, December 6, 2008

Arty-farty Bokor

The front of the Hotel from a shattered window
The ruined Bokor Palace Hotel on the summit of Bokor mountain on the south coast of Cambodia has been a magnet for tourists for years but all that is about to change. A large multi-million dollar development of the site is underway and as yet its unclear whether the Hotel will survive or be demolished to make way for a new version. If its days are numbered then I'm glad to be able to bring you some photos from inside and outside the Hotel, just to give you a flavour of this monument to a by-gone era. Built in the 1920s and used through to the early 1970s to host the rich and well-to-do, today its lichen-encrusted walls, shattered windows and empty, desolate rooms and corridors are a photographer's delight.
Broken windows give a different perspective
Looking out towards the water tower
The wind can literally howl as it speeds its way through broken windows and empty corridors
Few glass windows remain unbroken
The bare ballroom of the Palace Hotel on Bokor
The broken fireplace in the ballroom
No longer does the sound of music and parties fill the ballroom of the Hotel
Graffiti on the walls of the ballroom talk of love


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