Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quiet as a mouse

It's been a bit hectic here in Siem Reap, hence shortage of posts yesterday & today. I've been whizzing about the place and will do more whizzing this afternoon, visiting hotels and then assessing boats on the Tonle Sap lake. Last night my good friend Now (pictured) was on her way to see me for dinner when she came a cropper on her moto on the road from Angkor Wat. When I saw her in the emergency room in the hospital clinic in Siem Reap, it was abundantly clear she had fallen face-first from her moto and her left cheek, mouth and chin had taken the full brunt of her fall. The medics applied some liberal stitching and injections and the x-rays revealed a broken cheekbone and very heavy swelling and bruising, as you can imagine. I felt pretty guilty as she was on her way to meet me for dinner and she had to make the trip from her home in Angkor during a heavy downpour. It was another salutary lesson for me of the importance of wearing a helmet when making even the shortest trip by moto. My fingers are crossed that Now recovers fully from her accident and that her scars are not permanent.


Blogger Andy Brouwer said...

Latest news about my friend Now, who suffered a moto accident a couple of days ago. She spent 1 night in the clinic near Psat Leu but was so worried about the cost, she checked herself out and went home to her village inside the Angkor complex of temples. I've spoken to her a few times but she finds it hard to talk with stitches in her gum, lips and chin. She's got some medicine but prefers to be with her family whilst recovering, as hospital/clinic costs here are prohibitively high for Khmers. She's being very brave about the whole episode and I hope she is able to recover fully in due time. None of the locals who work at Angkor Wat selling souvenirs, like Now, wears a helmet when going about their daily business on motos, so I just hope this incident will prompt them to think of their own safety in future.
Saying that, I came to work today by moto without a helmet so first I'd better get my own house in order!

October 24, 2008 10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... sorry to hear that.poor lady..yes,thats better to wear helmet whenever you ride the moto,in case you get hurt badly.see in our country,it is forbid riding without helmet,otherwise you get fine!


October 25, 2008 8:53 PM  

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