Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stone carvers of Kakoh

The one and only Jayavarman VII - the most popular carving in Cambodia, at Kakoh
This stone Buddha would cost you $5,000 to buy once its finished
I've visited them before but it's always worth a stop to see the stone carvers at the village of Kakoh, 14kms south of Kompong Thom on Highway 6. They're a very friendly bunch and always ready with a smile and will readily stop for a chat if you can speak Khmer. The stone they carve comes from the base of nearby Phnom Santuk and they tell me the village has been here for at least twenty years. Nearly every house along the roadside has a group of stonemasons busily at work all day long. They work from memory, I've never seen a picture or drawing next to them as they fashion Buddhas, lions, Apsaras and much much more from the stone with hand tools and a practised eye. Some of the smaller pieces make nice gifts or mantlepiece ornaments for your home and the price is cheap too, compared to the gift shops where much of their work ends up. Next time you are passing, make sure you stop and say hello to the stone cravers of Kakoh.
Wiping away a stone chip, the stonemasons work without safety goggles
A hammer and chisel helps to decorate the dress of this statue
Two stonemasons at work on this Apsara carving at Kakoh
A budding stonemason of the future? I've never seen a female stonemason at Kakoh
In the village of the stonemasons, this ancient carved stone is the local Neak Ta


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These stone carvers of Kakoh are real artists...

October 20, 2008 6:23 AM  

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