Monday, October 13, 2008

Busy schedule

I received an early birthday gift today in the form of Golden Bones, the recently published memoir by Sichan Siv, the Cambodian-born former US Ambassador to the United Nations. A hardback copy of the book arrived from the publishers HarperCollins with a request to review it pending Sichan's visit to Phnom Penh at the back end of November for a book-signing session. His story is an incredible journey from his birthplace in the small village of Pochentong to the corridors of power and influence in America. I have already begun reading with great interest.
An early birthday gift because it's my 49th, yes, I can't believe it either, my forty-ninth birthday on Wednesday. I agree, I don't look older than 35 but my youthful good looks belie my real age and my birth at the back-end of the 1950s. I stopped celebrating my birthday many moons ago though this week, it's just one diary note in a busy calendar. Tomorrow morning is the verdict in the Christopher Howes/Houn Hourth murder trial. The session is scheduled to begin at 8am in the Municipal Courthouse opposite the Olympic Stadium and as I've said ad nauseam, I will be there to hope that justice is served for the families and friends of Christopher and Hourth, twelve years after their tragic deaths.
On Thursday and Friday I will be in Kompong Thom and more specifically Sambor Prei Kuk as a guest of GTZ and the Sambor Prei Kuk authority who are organizing a FAM trip for tour operators and the press to see first-hand their new range of community-based services they're offering to enhance a visit to the pre-Angkorean temple complex, one of my favourite places in Cambodia. I didn't need my arm twisted to agree to go. And on Saturday night, there's a John Pilger extravaganza at Meta House with 3 of his best documentaries, Do You Remember Vietnam, Year Zero: The Silent Death of Cambodia and Death of A Nation: The Timor Conspiracy. It's an 8pm start.
I couldn't possibly reveal who this gorgeous baby is but let's just say his birthday is on Wednesday and he'll be 49 years old


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Andy with Love:
Happy Birthday! I didn't know we're born under the same zodiacs! Nothing happens by chance. A good star for U ever! - ANON-ENTITY

October 15, 2008 10:37 AM  
Blogger Andy Brouwer said...

My thanks to Sophoin, Sokheng and Thary who joined me for my birthday meal on Wednesday night, despite the downpour, and who have me a large cake with candles, the 1st I've had since I was a nipper of about 5! Its traditional here, as was the chorus of "happy birthday" from all the staff at the restaurant. All very embarrassing, but in a nice way.

October 18, 2008 2:22 PM  

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