Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Prehistory under threat

I haven't featured much pre-Angkorean stuff on my blog but the newsworthiness of prehistoric Cambodia has risen in recent years with various sites under the cosh from villagers looking to make a quick killing by unearthing saleable items for antique dealers. Heritage Watch are the main people over here trying to educate and highlight the dangers this looting brings with valuable information about the country's past being lost every day. However, help is at hand, if that help can find and secure these sites before they are pillaged. Read all about Germany's help with a prehistoric site at Prohear village in Prey Veng province that is yielding invaluable finds and unique information here. Also visit the Memot Centre for Archaeology website for more details of prehistoric Cambodia.


OpenID alisonincambodia said...

Hey Andy- Thanks for sharing this article! I've done some work with the bead collection and seen some of the materials from the site of Prohear and it is, indeed, an amazing site. Since they don't mention it in the article I also thought people might be interested to know about the Memot Center of Archaeology website. There is also a small site museum which I have not been to yet but am hoping to check out soon.

September 17, 2008 1:43 PM  

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