Sunday, August 10, 2008

Injury update

I managed to complete my second game of football (soccer) yesterday afternoon in temperature's that were simply too hot to play sport. I turned out for the Bayon Wanderers FC team, mostly expats with a wide range of nationalities, though we also have a strong Khmer contingent too. I'm still not sure who our opponents were, someone said 555, but it was a tough ask for both teams in that heat and a fair(ish) result of 4-4 at the final whistle. The pitch left a lot to be desired - we played at the Prek Leap Agricultural University - and with sensible substitutions I managed to get through the match without worsening my dodgy knee. In all my years of playing football back in England, I never experienced knee problems until my first game here in Cambodia a couple of weeks ago. I suppose getting dodgy knees is a sign that I'm too close to fifty for comfort, and that I haven't played sport for 7 years! Bayon puts out two teams each weekend with three mid-week training sessions thrown in as well, so its an almost full-time job for our team manager/coach/supremo Billy and next weekend about thirty members are off for a two-game tour to Saigon. Read more about the club here.


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