Sunday, August 10, 2008

Film success

Rain Falls from Earth Director Steve McClure and the author
The 90-minute documentary film Rains Falls from Earth premiered at Meta House last night and provided the packed audience with a sober and heart-rending tale. Telling the story of the Khmer Rouge-Pol Pot time in Cambodia's history through personal testimonies and archive footage, its strength lay in the powerful and emotional recollections of survivors like Thida Mam, Em Theay, Vann Nath and others, interspersed with observations by former Khmer Rouge cadre including Nuon Chea and Ta Mok's daughter Preak Lin. Director Steve McClure told the audience that the film is about 90% complete and he's currently in Cambodia getting some last-minute footage before finalizing the film's production.
The film's opening titles
Author Thida Mam gave an emotional re-telling of her story
Ta Mok's daughter Preak Lin said she had never heard of the killing fields
Royal court dancer Em Theay lost children in the KR time but never gave up hope
Three Khmer members of the packed audience; LtoR: Ameas, Amean and Samphos


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