Sunday, July 13, 2008

Causeway to heaven

The causeway lined with boundary posts, just after the palaces at Wat Phu
Immediately after the two palaces of Wat Phu is the first of a series of ceremonial causeways leading you to the central sanctuary of the temple on the side of the mountain. This causeway is lined by boundary posts and also the heads of two five-headed Naga are in situ, much as where they would've been placed in the temple's heyday. The view of the mountain above was still partially obscured by low cloud and the frangipani trees were not in bloom, whilst access to the Nandin Hall was barred with reconstruction work underway. Lying in the grass near the beginning of steps leading to a second causeway, were two very large, headless and armless dvarapala statues, with their feet next to a circular yoni pedestal. More on Wat Phu to follow.
A five headed Naga at the very beginning of the causeway
The Naga in profile with the southern palace in the background
Another view of the mountain, further along the causeway
A massive dvarapala statue lies in the grass, broken, headless and armless
Dvarapala feet and a circular yoni pedestal
A second dvarapala statues lies closeby
The ceremonial causeway looking from the top of the stairway


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