Thursday, May 29, 2008

Inside the stilted village

A wooden bridge takes the children to their school next to the pagoda
Some more scenes from inside Kompong Khleang village, taken on a recent visit there with a bus-load of colleagues from my office. Most of the residents of this sprawling community live in permanent wooden houses, high above the ground on stilts, to accommodate the rise and fall of the Tonle Sap lake water levels. For our visit, the levels were very low. At the height of the wet season, the village will look very different. In fact I must make a big effort to get out here at that time. As you might imagine, fishing is the core activity around here though pig-rearing is also popular judging by the ever-present squeals in the background!
A ladder is the only way to access this house next to the river flowing through the village
This scene will look very different in the wet season
A view of the houses taken from the pontoon bridge near the market


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