Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Anyone have a spare house?

The Tonle Bassac group at practice
The Tonle Bassac folk dance group that will be appearing at the prestigious WOMAD Festival in England at the end of July and will then have a three week residency at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe are looking for lodgings during their UK stay. Can you help? They need a big house to accommodate the 25 youths and adults that are making the trip. If you are in the Edinburgh area of Scotland and can help, contact Cambodian Living Arts, who will be eternally grateful. The residency at the Fringe will be at The World, Edinburgh's newest venue for international dance and music, situated at St George's West Church in Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, where dance groups from Tibet, Brazil, Cuba, Tanzania and more will perform. The Tonle Bassac group, proteges of Ieng Sithul, one of Cambodia's greatest master musicians, will take their Children of the Khmer show of folk and classical dance abroad for the first time on this exciting trip to the United Kingdom.
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