Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Lighthouse Orphanage

I've not visited the place myself - though I will on my next trip to Cambodia - but a good friend tells me that The Lighthouse Orphanage is looking for volunteers who are prepared to devote themselves to making a difference. The orphanage lies about 15 minutes from the city centre in Adoung village, close to Monivong Bridge, and houses children from 1 to 15 that have been rescued from the street after being abandoned by their parents. It gets no official funding so relies on hand-outs and volunteers.
Contact the manager Mr Lee at 012 756 604.

I have just received an email from a volunteer at The Lighthouse, Lee-Anne Pitcaithly, which provides much greater detail:
There are now 67 children at Lighthouse and it is a lot more structured than it was in 2005. We have proper sleeping quarters and the children are learning English, French and Japanese. Though we welcome tourists and we love donations we do have some rules and it would be great if you could put these up for people who might read your blog.
- Volunteers willing to do physical labour are welcome to come and meet the staff at Lighthouse but we ask for the period of volunteering to be not less than 1 month with 5 days per week. Most of the work we have now is developing the land and buildings. General day to day management needs to be done by the Khmer's as they have the on-going relationships.
- Donations of food, cleaning products, fruit, hygiene products, educational equipment are greatly appreciated BUT no sweets, biscuits/cookies, candy, or soda drinks. Their teeth are totally rotten and we are struggling to get them to brush every day.
- We request that visitors do not interrupt any classes or take photos. We are trying to protect the rights of the children and we do not have any details on people just visiting.

Link: Read this story from one such volunteer about his visit to the orphanage here.


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