Saturday, September 8, 2007

Virachey National Park

One of the areas of Cambodia that I have yet to experience is Virachey National Park, one of the top priority areas for conservation in Southeast Asia. The park is located in Ratanakiri and Stung Treng Provinces in the northeastern corner of the country and covers an area of 3,325 kmĀ². There's an abundance of flora, fauna and wildlife that is a conservation priority, whilst in and around the park, the area is populated by ethinic minority peoples and the streams from the mountains of Virachey National Park contribute significantly to the flow of the Mekong river. The Park has its own website which is definitely worth a look though it hasn't been updated for a while. A project that began in 2000 and is due to close at the end of this year is BPAMP (Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management Project) and is carried out by the Department of Nature Conservation and Protection of the Ministry of Environment with the aim to help the Government of Cambodia achieve sustainable management of its system of national protected areas, Virachey being its pilot site.


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