Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kratie sunset

Despite just a few hours sleep - Tim is setting me a very bad example - we caught the 8am Sorya bus to Kratie and eight, yes 8, hours later we rolled into the sleepy riverside town. It was hot though with a hint of thunder in the air, the water levels of the Mekong River are low exposing large sandbars and we had a nose around the Wat Rokakandal site before settling down for a chat with a variety of locals and a fruit-shake along the riverbank, as the sun sank behind the clouds. My chicken curry at Red Sun Falling was pretty hot and tasty and boo-hoo to the writer of the Ultimate Cambodia guidebook who gave the bar the thumbs-down without even setting foot in it and based on someone's sexuality. Shame on you, but at least it keeps the bikers away. Off to see the dolphins at 5.30am tomorrow, well maybe a few splashes if I'm lucky. I'm hoping the low water levels will enourage them to be far less candid than usual and I'll take along a beach-ball just in case they're up for some fun [wink].



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