Monday, March 30, 2009

The front line

Myself and Tim (right) pose at the 5th Gopura at Preah Vihear during last week's visit
Lots of photos and articles to upload from last week's trip but yesterday was a busy one as it was Tim's last day in Cambodia and we did some scurrying around town sandwiched between a traditional Sunday lunch at the Green Vespa and a tasty curry at Sher-e-Punjab. We got home at 2am, he left at 7am for the flight back to England and I, and my liver, can now take a few months rest before he visits again.
It was interesting to read the local papers from last week about the continuing tension at Preah Vihear. We were there last Wednesday just moments after a group of armed Thai soldiers had approached the disputed border area, but we weren't aware just how nervous and agitated the Khmer soldiers were who gave us access to the barbed-wire border pass at the foot of the temple stairs. They did look a bit glum and said we couldn't take any photos whereas the rest of the troops we encountered at Preah Vihear, and there were a lot, were all very amicable and friendly. But we were at the 'front line' so to speak, so its not often you get such access in a disputed area, especially minutes after an incursion that could've sparked another gunfire battle that killed a few troops a while back. The full story about our visit to Preah Vihear to follow soon.



Anonymous Birgit said...

Scary... Looking forward to reading the full report and seeing your photos!

March 30, 2009 3:32 PM  

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