Saturday, March 7, 2009

Angkor ticket changes

1-day Angkor Park temple pass
Responding to requests from the tourism industry, Sokimex, who hold the concession for managing the Angkor temple complex and nudged by Hun Sen and the Ministry of Tourism, have made a couple of changes to the rules governing the use of entrance tickets to the Angkor Park. Whilst there is no change to the daily tickets (cost $20), the $40 tickets for 3 consecutive day visits can now be used to visit the site for up to 3 non-consecutive times, as long as the visits are made within the period of 1 week. This is particularly good flexibility as it allows visitors to have a day or so rest from the temples, get to see a bit more of Siem Reap and surrounding countryside and can avoid getting 'templed-out.' With regards to the $60 weekly visit tickets, these can now be used to access the temple for 7 days, but over a period of 1 month. I can see this causing some confusion for the ticket checkers, who will need some training sessions to get these new rules under their belts. And when do the new rules come into force - when the new tickets are printed!



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