Sunday, November 30, 2008

32 Sothearos Boulevard

The frontage of 32 Sothearos Boulevard
32 Sothearos Boulevard, known this week as the Bodega, is the well-worn neo-classical French colonial style building opposite the National Museum that has been vacant for a while now but which is slated for development in the near future by FCC. As part of the current Phnom Penh photography exhibition, it's been temporarily taken-over by the Melon Rouge Photo Agency and is hosting a collection of photography, video and slideshow presentations until 7 December. I paid a flying visit this morning to snap anything of interest I could see, though I must say I wasn't blown away by the photos on display. The building itself dates from 1930 and is pretty knackered and needs some loving care and attention to breathe some life back into it. Nevertheless, it was nice to have the opportunity to nose around. Link: Mr Bodega
Neo-classical wall mountings are on the ground and 1st floors
Colourful floor tiles with dizzying patterns in need of a good clean
This lady carrying a pitcher on her head is under threat from vegetation
More of those patterned floor tiles on the 1st floor
This elegant classical beauty can be found on the ground floor
Ah, even more of those patterned tiles
With flowing hair and clothes, this beauty belongs to a bygone era
These floor tiles are certainly in need of some restoration
One of the photo exhibits under a classic arch on the 1st floor
A reminder of what is not allowed inside
This neo-classical doorway also has chinese influences
The National Museum is to be seen from the 1st floor balcony at the Bodega


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