Sunday, November 30, 2008

Final engagement

Two authors meet - the real one is on the left
A well-attended book-signing and talk by Sichan Siv at Monument Books last night was the final public engagement of the former Ambassador's brief visit to Cambodia with his wife Martha. It went so well that Monument sold its complete stock of his book, Golden Bones. In his talk, before he invited questions from the audience, Sichan mentioned the importance of the 4 F's - faith, friends, family and freedom - and of course the message that underlines everything else in his book, and his life, to never give up hope. He invited feedback from everyone who'll read his book and hopes it will be published in the Khmer language sometime soon; its currently being translated into Chinese.
It's a book-signing - what else did you expect!
Sichan Siv discusses a few select passages from his inspiring memoir, Golden Bones


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